Carlos Delgado

Session Musician

Experience: 20+ years
Specialization: Producer, Engineer, Industry Consultant.

Carlos studied with top guitar tutors in Cuba and Costa Rica and later at the LA Music Academy in Pasadena, California.
Since 2000 he works as a session musician, with more than 200 records on his belt for artists of Costa Rica, México, Colombia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Estados Unidos, España, Argentina, etc.

He is also a go to side man in the scene,having performed for the likes of Nito Mestre, Álvaro Torres, Perrozompopo, Lucho Muñoz, Mon Laferte, Fausto, Eduardo Dacuña, Marisela, Mario Maissonave, Pala, Rodrigo Rojas y Edgar Oceransky, Hernaldo Zúñiga, Elsa Basil, Ricardo Acosta, Francisco Terán, Braulio, Django, Juan Bau, Strunz y Farah, Tony McManus, Olga Basanta, Maxi Pardo, Ella baila sola, Debi Nova, Jean Michel Byron, , Alejandro Filio, Martin Valverde, Natalia Lafourcade, Lila Downs, Pedro Guerra, and many others.  Carlos also recorded for Raúl Abramzon on his first DVD.

In 2015 he had the privilege of sharing the stage with Dominic Miller (Sting) during his show in Costa Rica.

Carlos Delgado is an endorser of PRS Guitars, Púas Rigor (guitar picks) and Cables Bambú (Audio Cables). He also counts with one of the biggest guitar collections in Central American which he uses for his gigs and sessions.

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