At Indestructible Productions, we use high-end gear (analog and digital) and proven mic positioning to get the best sound possible every time. The best mixes start at the source, by doing it right at the recording stage, so we spend time planning your session and choosing and testing the right gear to make sure you get only premium results.

Whether you want to record yourself or find the right musician to track your instrumentals, we will assist you through the whole process, getting you in contact with professional session players who can imprint your song with magical beats, sounds, melodies and harmonies.


We will work hard to get the best possible sound for your project and make sure the recording matches your ideas, production style and goals.   We have a collaborative approach and love to coach our clients or even learn from them when they bring fresh ideas and sounds to our studio.  We will go out of our way to make you feel comfortable and will prepare everything necessary for your project and your session.

Producing your recording

Records often have a producer who has many responsibilities during the recording process.  A producer oversees the project from start to finish and gives advice and solutions to challenges that arise during the recording process.  A producer also collaborates with the artists to enhance the songs by adding parts, giving artistic insight, providing feedback to what has been recorded and much more.  You can work with our in house producers, bring your own producer, or take the role of the producer yourself!  Check out our detailed description of the Arranging and Producing services we offer:


After recording, we will take your precious tracks and mix them so they achieve the next sonic level and start transforming into a piece of art!  Check our mixing services:

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