At Indestructible Productions, we give you professional support while you record and mix your music.  We can function not only as engineers but also as producers, serving your project from the beginning to the end.  Producing means you will have someone available at all times to give you insight both musically and in terms of managing the whole project.

Arranging a song is taking it to the next level by carefully crafting or improving the form ,adding tracks and instruments, and refining every aspect of the track to match the chosen style.

How we do it:

We serve your inspiration, artistic vision, and the song itself. We will help you experiment and try different options and you will keep what you consider matches your song. You will have the final say on every production and arrangement decision.  You will also have the luxury to try different instruments, harmonies and melodies available to you when producing your song.  Once decisions have been made we can bring professional session players to turn those additions into beautifully sounding tracks.  Many times that will mean no additional cost if the in-house producer can record your part.  Our producers are also multi-instrumentalists and can play many acoustic and software instruments.

When there is a need for a session player we will provide you with a list of our favourite professionals so you can pick the best match for your recording.

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