The process of mixing is a fundamental part of great songs and albums.  We will mix your recording putting all our heart and the most advanced technology available, both analog and digital, to serve your artistic goals. We will discuss with you the different options and mixing styles and achieve the sound you want.

Today’s technology provides virtually infinite opportunities to sculpt a song exactly the way you imagined it.  We will carefully treat your tracks to create the perfect mix.

The Process of Mixing

Mixing a song is a process that requires both technical and artistic skills.  It’s a journey that can only be travelled along with the artist.  That is why we have an open approach where we follow your artistic lead, adding our experience and technical know-how.  We will mix your tracks and revise them as necessary while using every piece of feedback from you and the rest of your team.  We want two things out of every mix:  your complete satisfaction and the highest quality possible so your track is in tune with the competitive requirements of the industry.


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