The music industry presents great opportunities for bands and independent artists.  Musicians often spend years learning how to navigate the DIY aspects of the music business.  Let us help by building a map that is tailored to your act and that will accelerate your development!

Together we will tackle the structuring of your music business, monetizing your music, applying to grants, growing your fanbase, developing merch, and crafting a publicity and promotion strategy.  We will take the tedious work off your hands, respecting your creative and artistic vision, and letting you focus on your music making.

What we will do for you:

  • Build a business plan
  • Build an artist development plan
  • Register your business and create core business documentation
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Define your branding and create music business assets (professional press shots, biography, EPK, logo, website, One sheet, etc)
  • Copyright and monetize your music
  • Plan and manage your music releases:  Singles, EP, or Full Album
  • Submit your music to playlists, blogs, magazines, etc
  • Build a strategic plan for growing your fanbase
  • Create your website
  • Build your online presence.  We will create and homogenize your presence across the web and social media outlets
  • Build a PR and promotion plan for your act
  • Create a funding access and grant application master plan.
  • Write or review your grant applications.
  • Develop merchandise and help you promote it.
  • Much more…

How it works:

Music Industry Consultation  / $40  per hour.

A Consultation is an in-depth music business conversation about you and your project. It provides targeted coaching in response to your most pressing music industry and music business concerns. You walk out with quality information and guidance at a fraction of the cost of hiring a team member permanently or incurring costly mistakes.

We will diagnose your specific situation based on the information you give us and your development stage. We will provide you with not only the information but templates and sample documents that you can start using right away.

A consultation can help you achieve a variety of tasks such as registering your business, dealing with legal aspects, growing your fanbase organically, recording and releasing music, approaching your professional team, starting your own promotion and PR, learning booking strategies (how to apply to festivals) and much more. Consultation calls are perfect for anyone who is starting in the music business and needs a primer in all the aspects of the DIY music business world. (In-Person, Phone, or Zoom)

What do you get?

A minimum of a 60-minute consultation, a road map for development,  and tailored documents and templates that you can start using right after the consultation.

Music Industry Support (subscription) / $450 per month

Our subscription-based music industry support is perfect for hard-working musicians who need the peace of mind of professional advice and insight into every aspect of their music business development. Learning how to navigate the music industry and crafting all the necessary documents and assets can take a lot of time and effort that you rather invest in making music and polishing your act.

With a Music Industry Support subscription, we will take over the DIY tasks of your music project so you can focus on your music.  We will start by creating short and long-term strategies that include artistic and business plans and will help you follow them step by step. When you subscribe to our services we will do your business registration and provide you with templates of legal documents (such as contracts) for different situations. We will show you how to do the accounting, help you manage your social media, assist you on your grant applications, plan your promotion and publicity, plan and support your releases, develop press materials, craft festival submissions, support you on booking your act in diverse venues, and provide you with our industry databases and network of professionals that are fundamental to get your music project to the next level.

We will support you on your journey and do most of the tasks while providing coaching and motivation. You will provide the contents. We keep no secrets.  We will share everything with you along the way so you can gain knowledge and experience.

When you subscribe to our services monthly, you can call us any day of the week during business hours to ask questions or to get support, or meet with us in person during weekdays.

What do you get?

Everyday industry support for every DIY tasks that your music business needs.  We prepare the necessary documents, talk to the right people, and find solutions for every challenge presented to you in your music business development.  You get to keep all templates and documents, so you can keep using them forever.

Create your own package

Need help in just a couple of aspects or tasks?  Contact us for free and we will build a special package that matches your needs and adjust the price accordingly.

Need grant support only?

We can fully write your grant or provide professional feedback on your application.  Check our grant writing service!

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