Grant Writing

Writing a successful grant is an art in itself.  It requires experience and research.  We can either write your full grant or consult and guide you through the process while you write your own grant and learn the secrets to a successful application.

Our experience comes from years of writing successful grants and sitting in diverse boards and juries for grant organizations.  A successful grant is composed of good written answers to the core questions but also great supporting documents and files.

What we will do:

Full grant application / $150 per grant

When you start applying for grants you find yourself overwhelmed with the paperwork, the requirements and the writing itself.  We will handle your application from scratch and produce the best application possible, increasing your chances of getting funding.

After writing your grant we will also find other grants that are accessible to you or your project. When you become our client we add you to our email list.  We keep track of any grant that becomes available to our artists to keep track of changes in requirements and applications so you get the most up-to-date information.

Grant application review & feedback / $50 per grant

Already prepared a grant application? Want specific feedback and guidance before going any forward? Get it reviewed! We will carefully read your entire application and examine all attachments and supporting documents. We will identify weaknesses and areas for improvement and provide you with samples and tools that you can use to ensure you submit a targeted top-notch application.

What is it?

  • An expert evaluation of your grant writing, your content, and supporting document materials.
  • Receive strategic insights and tailored in-document feedback you can use to improve your application.
  • See samples of professional grant applications and supporting material.

Grant Writing

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